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About ING Cranes

About ING Cranes

Benchmark in the manufacture of equipment for lifting and handling loads

We were born to move and are specialists in solutions for lifting loads

We are a benchmark in the manufacture of equipment for handling and lifting loads, with crane models ranging from 4500 to 120000kgm up to 10 telescopic booms. Designed with high resistant materials, we are today the leading manufacturer of large vehicle cranes, the leader in this segment in Brazil, with 100% approval from the country's main rental companies.

With constant investment in innovation and technology, we provide maximum performance with products suitable for each type of application, all with a 3-year structural guarantee and an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Success Story

We are the fastest-growing crane manufacturer in the last five years. We offer the best solutions for lifting loads and people in the Brazilian market and are expanding worldwide.

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